1567 McMillan Street, Suite 3  Worthington, MN  56187

Phone: (507)376-9150 ext 3

Nobles Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors

2019 Offices and Committees

Chairman: Paul Langseth

Vice-Chairman: Rick Nelsen

Secretary: Lynn Darling

Treasurer: Ken Wolf

PR & I: Jim Knips

Personal Committee: Jim Knips & Ken Wolf

Budget Committee: Paul Langseth & Rick Nelsen

1W1P Committee: Paul Langseth & Jim Knips (alternate)

Summit Lake 11 Committee: Lynn Darling & Rick Nelsen

RC & D: Lynn Darling & Jim Knips (alternate)

JPO: Jim Knips & Paul Langseth (alternate)

JPB/KLR: Lynn Darling

OOWD: Paul Langseth

HLWD: Rick Nelsen

KLRWD: Ken Wolf

Lynn Darling

Supervisor from District 3

(Worthington, Dewald, Summit Lake, Bloom)

Term Expires: 12/31/2020


26197 260th St.

Rushmore, MN 56168


Paul Langseth

Supervisor from District 5

(Ransom, Bigelow, Lorain, Indian Lake)

Term Expires: 12/31/2022


35505 280th St.

Worthington, MN 56187


Jim Knips

Supervisor from District 1

(Leota, Lismore, Larkin, Wilmont)

Term Expires: 12/31/2020


13510 Chaney Ave.

Lismore, MN 56155


Rick Nelsen

Supervisor from District 4

(Seward, Graham Lakes, Elk, Hersey)

Term Expires: 12/31/2022


12947 US Highway 59

Fulda, MN 56131


Ken Wolf 

Supervisor from District 2

(Westside, Olney, Grand Prairie, Little Rock)

Term Expires: 12/31/2020


14501 275th St.

Adrian, MN 56110