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About Us

The Nobles Soil and Water Conservation District was organized in 1954 as a legal subdivision of the state, operating under a charter issued by the Secretary of State.


The Nobles SWCD partners with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other County and Watershed personnel to reduce erosion, improve water quality, and wildlife habitat for the residents of Nobles County.


Priority Initiatives for the Nobles SWCD include:

Water Quality Protection

Water Erosion Protection

Wind Erosion Control

Flood Control

Resource Management Education

Wildlife Habitat Creation and Enhancement



Nobles Soil and Water Conservation District

2023 Meeting Schedule


January 18, 2023                        7:30 am

February 15, 2023                       7:30 am

March 15, 2023                           7:30 am

April 19, 2023                            7:30 am

May 17, 2023                             7:30 am

June 21, 2023                             7:30 am

July 19, 2023                              7:30 am

August 16, 2023                         7:30 am

September 20, 2023                   7:30 am

October 18, 2023                        7:30 am

November 15, 2023                    7:30 am

December 19, 2023                     7:30 am



"Protecting Our Soil and Water Resources and Promoting Their Wise Use"

One Watershed, One Plan

The Missouri River Watershed One-Watershed One Plan brings 6 counties, 6 Soil and Water Conservation Districts and 2 Watersheds together to develop a comprehensive plan that will address water management in the Missouri River Watershed. 

Conservation Grade trees for your Shelterbelts, Windbreaks, Wildlife Plantings and other projects. 

Click the link above to find out more about the seed program we offer at Nobles SWCD. 

Board Meetings

The Nobles SWCD's regularly scheduled Board Meetings are the third Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 a.m. See the Calendar of Events under Contact Us for more upcoming events. 


The location of the meetings are:

USDA Ag. Service Center

1567 McMillan St

Worthington, MN 56187

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