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Projects and Programs

Below is a sampling of projects and programs administered through the Nobles SWCD. There are more programs available and more programs being added. If you have a project idea that does not fit the mold of the programs listed below, but would improve water quality, prevent soil erosion, or improve wildlife habitat, please contact the office and we will try our best to assist you.

Missouri River Basin Project

2011 was the kick off year for the Missouri River Basin Restoration and Protection Project. The Missouri River basin contains four major watersheds that flow into Iowa and South Dakota. The watersheds include: Upper Big SiouxLower Big SiouxRock and Little Sioux River. These headwater watersheds cover parts of six counties and eventually drain to the Missouri River.

State Cost-Share

The State Cost-Share program was created to provide funds to Minnesota Soil and Water Conservation  Districts (SWCDs) for the implementation of conservation practices that protect and improve water quality by controlling soil erosion and reducing sedimentation. Through the State Cost-Share program, landowners can request financial and technical assistance from their local SWCD for implementation of BWSR-approved conservation practices. This program provides up to 75 percent of the total eligible costs of a practice. 


In general, the Nobles SWCD utilizes their Grant funds to cost-share on the installation of terraces, sediment basins, grassed waterways and tree plantings; however, there are many other practices that are eligible to receive funding. All projects must be engineered to designed to meet approved specifications and will be inspected prior to funds being disbursed. Landowners receiving funding must allow regular inspections and must adhere to maintenance guidelines. In cases where landowners refuse to correct maintenance issues, the State of Minnesota can require all cost-share payments be returned to the state. 



Grassland Programs

The Nobles SWCD assists with the marketing, promotion, technical assistance and management of several grassland programs designed to improve water quality, reduce soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat. The Nobles SWCD partners with other agencies such as the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Minnesota DNR, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Watershed Districts and other Conservation Groups. These partnerships allow us to work with landowners with many different programs available. Please review the list of available programs and contact our office if you have any interest in obtaining more information on a program or to receive an estimate of program benefits available to you.


The Nobles SWCD along with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Heron Lake Watershed District and the Okabena Ocheda Watershed District, have installed several raingardens in Nobles County. Projects have been installed with local landscapers and local volunteers. Minnesota West Technical College, St. Mary’s Elementary, Worthington Middle School, Prairie Elementary School has installed raingardens to improve water quality and prevent erosion. Nobles County and the City of Worthington have also worked with our office to install raingardens on County and City Properties. Landowners are also suggested to work with landscapers with experience installing raingardens.


If you are a landowner in Nobles County and would like more information on raingardens please contact our office at 507-376-9150. Cost-share can be available to landowners willing to install practices that follow recommended specifications.

Feedlot Programs

The Nobles SWCD has several programs available for technical and financial assistance in regards to feedlot improvement practices. The Nobles SWCD is not an enforcement agency requiring landowners to comply with Federal, State and Local regulations. The Nobles SWCD is available to provide landowners a starting point to find and repair feedlot water quality problems and concerns. Keep in mind that many feedlot repairs can be very low cost or eligible for several State and Federal cost-share funding. 


The Nobles SWCD has been involved in several feedlot improvement projects in the past including:

Roof Structures-Constructed to prevent feedlot runoff

Lagoon and Concrete pits-Constructed to contain feedlot runoff

Clean water diversions-Used to divert clean water around feedlots

Relocations-Funding is available to relocate lots and structures on another site in order to improve water quality.


If you feel you have a water quality issue or would simply like to improve your operation while benefiting local water issues, contact the Nobles SWCD office. 

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